One type of food that is good to eat with various types of cuisine are sprouts or sprouts . Sprouts are sprouts from seeds, such as green beans , which have a white section with a length of up to three centimeters . Form of sprouts obtained after processing the seeds for a few days . Form of sprouts is quite small compared to other vegetables , however , this plant contains no small benefit .

Vegetable sprouts of any kind , either mung bean sprouts , soybean sprouts , alfalfa sprouts , and other types of sprouts contain many highly efficacious compounds fitokimiawi . One is kanavanin ( canavanine ) , the type of amino acid building blocks of most arginine stored in alfalfa sprouts .

Well , there are some health benefits if you often eat sprouts . Like this for example .

Rich Enzymes

The benefits of sprouts , among others, is rich in enzymes that the body needs . It implies a lot more than other raw fruits and vegetables . With enzymes , the body can extract the content of vitamins , minerals , amino acids and fatty acids in the food we eat .

Rich Proteins

For children who are growing or who are convalescing , sprouts are very good at providing a shield and strengthen the immune system . So that our body healthy and resistant to disease .

Fiber rich

Fiber in sprouts help the process of spending unnecessary toxins in the body . So that digestion can be more smoothly and the weight can be reduced ,

prevent Cancer

Eating sprouts can help us prevent the body from cancer risk . Sprouts can ward additives and pesticides are usually accidental because the food we eat less clear when processed .

Eating sprouts is also good to give you beautiful skin and body more stamina .