Currently there are still many people who think the fish is a regular food and prefer meat because it is considered more nutritious than fish. The assumption is of course very wrong, although the price is cheaper than both marine fish and fresh fish both have a very high nutrient content even exceeds the nutrients in the meat.

In fact Fish contains high protein and low calorie so safe and healthy consumed every day. Other content in fish is omega-3 fatty acids that are needed by the body. to get fish is very easy because it can look for itself by fishing or buying it in the market. There are many types of fish that you can consume according to taste and budget respectively.

#The benefits of eating fish:

Do not be afraid if you eat fish every day because it will not harm you just make you healthier. nutrient content in the fish is quite complete ranging from proteins, minerals, various vitamins terbatung on the type of fish each. you can process fish with recipes according to your taste to be delicious food intriguing. Here are the benefits of eating fish that will be obtained by the body you need to know.

a. Prevent heart disease

According to a study conducted by researchers with a sample of 140 people showed that people who ate fewer fish would have a higher risk of heart disease than those who ate a lot of fish or fish every day. Experts advise to at least once a week eat fish. Eating fish containing omega 3 can lower fat levels in the blood. but it also can lower cholesterol so that the blood circulation smoothly and prevent the body from heart disease and high blood pressure.

b. Helps the formation of the brain

Fish is also beneficial for the process of brain formation, why is that? This is because the content of omega 3 in fish is one of the substances needed for the formation of brain cells. Therefore, pregnant women are strongly encouraged to eat fish rich in omega-3s such as bloated fish, salmon for optimal fetal brain cell formation.

The researchers also found that eating omega 3 in fish can help cure people with ADHD. In studies where people with ADHD were given omega 3 and fish oil regularly showed improvement in their behavior. This applies to ADHD sufferers who are both children and adults.

c. Healthy bones

To maintain healthy bones in order to stay healthy and strong, bones require adequate intake of vitamin D and phosphorus. this is because bone is formed from phosphorus and vitamin D. fish is one source of vitamin D is very good for the body. other than that to get the fish of course easy instead so if you do not like drinking milk or sunbathing in the sun in the morning then the best option is to eat fish.

d. Prevent postpartum depression

Often women experience depression and stress after childbirth. This is a common thing that is due to psychological factors of women who give birth. To anticipate this happens of course doctors will usually give calm drugs to the woman but you can also maximize it by eating fish. One type of omega 3 fatty acids is DHA has an important role for this. especially for mothers who have just given birth should not take a lot of drugs or supplements but get it from eating directly. Fish is the perfect choice for dealing with postpartum depression.

e. Nourish the skin and hair

Maybe you have experienced dry skin problems and dull hair especially if you are running a fat diet. Omega 3 fatty acids are natural from the fish is able to help skin and hair problems and healthy. This is also supported by research that has been done where the results are quite surprising that omega 3 acids can improve the skin conditions contained in patients with psoriaris.

f. Prevent cardiovascular disease

Cardiovascular disease is a disease that occurs due to blockage of arterial blood vessels. Usually this blockage can be caused by blood clotting or accumulation of blood fats or because of cholesterol. If there is a cardiovascular disorder then it can cause other serious health problems such as heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure and also fatal able to cause death.

One way to prevent the occurrence of blockage of blood vessels is to consume healthy fatty acids present in the fish. Fish has a good fatty acid content and also HDL cholesterol is very good for health and does not cause blockage. Eat fish that contain healthy fatty acids regularly at least once a week to keep the body healthy and strong.

g. Educate the Brain
Another benefit that can be obtained from the consumption of fish is able to educate and sharpen the brain and memory. This is not separated from the nutrient content in fish such as protein, omega 3 fatty acids and minerals. Therefore it is recommended that you eat fish from an early age because it is very much beneficial not only for the health of the body but also mental health and intelligence.

Those are some of the benefits of eating fish that you can get for your health. although the benefits are very large but you should choose a type of fish that is safe and non-toxic. Even if toxic you must clean it properly so that the poison is lost. To be careful not to consume fish that live in unhealthy environment because it can bring disease like cancer is not uncommon fish also contain mercury because of its environment. Buy fish in hygienic and reliable places even though they may cost more. So information that we can convey, hopefully this information useful for you. thank you