Do you feel unwell? Maybe you should check the doctor immediately. This article discusses the prevention of illness and keep the body healthy and fit for you to be ready for daily activities cheerfully. For that you must consume vegetables for vitamins and vegetable nutrition can be energy for your bodyy.

Not only vegetables, health experts recommend us to consume fruit every day for the sake of maintaining a healthy body. In the fruits, we can find good nutritionn like fiberr, vitamins, minerals, to various antioxidants that would be beneficial for all the organs in our body. However, a question arises, in fact, is there a best time for us to eat fruit so it can get the benefits to the maximum?

A health expert from Q-Slim Fitness Studio named Pallavi Srivastava says if it’s good we eat fruit 5 times a day. By consuming such a fruit, it is expected we will get good nutrition from the fruit that will make the body healthy, prevent the coming of various diseases, to help the body get enough water intake while preventing dehydrationn. Pallavi himself suggested us to consume fruit like lemonns, oranges, or strawberries if you want to prevent the flu virus attack that feels very disturbing if you experience it. Meanwhile, sweett fruits and rich in fiber like apples, melons, and also pear can help us maintain the health of the digestive system while making the immune system become stronger.

Pallavi also recommend us to consume the fruit in the morning, because at this time, the stomach is still in a state of empty and not yet get any food intake so it will certainly make the intestine able to absorb a variety of nutrients well in the fruit with a maximumm. In addition, we can also consume fruit between breakfastt and lunch time and between lunch and dinner time. By consuming it in those moments, then we will prevent the consumption of unhealthy snacks while keeping the ideal weight.

Fruits can be consumed directly or we make in the form of juice. It’s just that we should not give extra sugar when making it into juice because it will make fruit juice is less healthy to be consumed because of excessive guala content. In the fruits that we consume already contains enough sugar for our body. Hopefully after routinely consume fruits, you become healthy and fit every day. Hopefully this article provides useful information for you. If there are any shortcomings in this article please forgive. thank you