diet soda

diet soda

In addition to food , drinks an essential requirement for human health . Beverages contain water that your body needs to function properly all organs .
But you also have to be selective in choosing a drink because the content in which there is a dangerous to health. Here is a drink that should not be consumed too often :

Beverage flavor
This drink is attractive in terms of color and flavor . Moreover, if the drink is served cold . But the content of dyes and artificial sweeteners in them can cause health problems if consumed too often .

Coffee with whipped cream
This type of coffee is served in the form of a frappe or cold . But did you know that in this type of coffee each serving contains 800 calories and 170 grams of sugar which of course will lead to obesity .

diet soda
This drink is sometimes used as an alternative for those who are dieting but still want sipping soft drinks . Diet soda may be free of calories but no nutrition in it .

energy drinks
These drinks are often consumed for those who require extra energy in carrying out the activity . The content of caffeine in them can make your adrenal hormones react so that you become excited . But did you know that energy drinks contain more caffeine than allowed consumption to body ?

About 1-2 glasses of alcoholic beverages is proven to raise good cholesterol levels , improve blood flow , and also improves sugar metabolism in the body . But these benefits will stop if you eat excessively because it can increase the risk of obesity and other health problems .

Soft drinks
Soft drinks or soft drinks full of sugar content and almost no nutrition in it . These drinks can increase the risk of obesity in your body if you eat them constantly.

Nowadays there are so many beverages with type as above on the market . It is therefore wise in choosing beverages that are not potentially harmful to your health . Still mineral water is the best drink for your body , so drink mineral water every day with the recommended amount that will make our lives better .