Laughter is one of the easy ways to make yourself happy and reduce stress. But adults know little more than children laughing, this is the cause.

A new study reveals an adult should laugh as much as 18 minutes each day. But now the fact that there are adults laugh no more than 6 minutes. This condition is much less than the current 60 years ago.

The researchers found that adults in the UK on average laugh only 7.2 times a day, while experts recommend that healthy laughter and fun needs to be done 15 times a day.

Meanwhile, in particular small children were not attending school can even laugh about 350 times a day. However, 66 percent of adults surveyed admitted he had been more difficult to laugh and feel happy in his life.

Given there are a few things that make people feel more difficult to laugh that the financial problems, the pressure of the job, a problem with family commitments and environmental conditions could prevent them to laugh.

“Laughter is an important behavior of someone for fun, make people happy and bring a lot of benefits. We should laugh more often,” says psychologist Anjula Mutanda, as quoted from Timesofindia, Saturday (10/06/2012).

This is because when the laughter levels of endorphins in the body will be increased so as to reduce stress and strengthen the immune system. Stress hormones known to be reduced during laughter thus allowing immune cells to function better. Perceived effects can last up to 24 hours.

Furthermore laugh also able to promote the exchange of oxygen with carbon dioxide so that helps clear the airways, as well as making the muscles and joints relax after tense due to pressure of work.