What breakfast this morning? If you want to lose weight, it does not hurt if you start the day with an egg breakfast.

Most of the reviews on the impact study says eating eggs that eggs contain powerful ingredients that can help reduce the amount of calories. Not just breakfast, your body weight can come down if you eat eggs at lunch and dinner.

Boiled eggs, fried eggs, or scrambled eaten at breakfast makes one full longer than other foods breakfast. Surely this can greatly help those who are desperately trying to avoid the desire to snack crackers, cookies, or chocolate in the afternoon.

In a review published in the journal Network Health dietician revealed that eggs contain a special protein. Well protein is sometimes not easy to make a person hungry.

Dietician Dr Carrie Ruxton said there were different results from six studies conducted over the past eight years.

Research shows there is a consistent effect of satiety and short-term energy intake. Two studies showed changes in appetite related gut hormones or hormone that regulates hunger and satiety. Well, those who eat eggs full effect is felt.

In long-term studies, they could prove an egg breakfast to lose weight significantly than those who eat breakfast cereals. Proved that an egg breakfast to lose several inches of waistline.

“More research is needed, particularly for long-term weight loss. Evidence indicates eggs have a big role in weight management,” said Dr. Ruxton was quoted as saying by the Daily Express and Timesofindia, Saturday (11/10/2012).

In a weight-loss diet, there are two other benefits to be gained. First, the control portion. Dr Ruxton said the egg has about 78 calories calories per egg. With out the number of calories per egg then everyone who ate it to recognize how many calories you have consumed.

Second, the egg is one source of vitamin D. It is certainly useful for those who are overweight and at risk of developing diabetes and heart disease.

“There are natural sources of vitamin D in foods, and eggs can also play a role,” said Dr Ruxton.

The eggs have an average protein levels high at 6.5 grams. The content has accounted for 13 percent of the daily requirement of adults.