Cat Allergy

Cat Allergy

Do you have an allergy to cats? If you have it, does not mean you should avoid friends or family who has a cat. With a little preparation, you can still travel anywhere without ending up with itchy, red eyes, sneezing, and shortness of breath that it usually occurs in someone who is allergic to cats or cat fur.Cat fur is more than just hair. Skin cells, saliva, and other proteins that can cause your body to release histamine (an immune system protein) can make you become allergic.

Prepare something before traveling”If I knew that I was going to someone’s house who has a pet, I am taking anti-allergy pills 20 minutes before leaving,” said Alejandra Soto, quoted from, who has been allergic to cats, dogs, horses, and pretty much Any furry animals since childhood. Because he does not always tell if someone has a pet before he visited, Soto added that he always has an antihistamine in his wallet. So prepare yourself before you go to someone’s house to prepare the anti-allergy medication that you can consult your doctor first.Try to avoid an overstuffed chairSofa or other chairs that are padded nest cat hair left behind or fall.

Cats love to sleep and silence there. So, if you want to sit down, try to choose a chair that rests a little harder because it is rarely occupied the chair like a cat.Antihistamines drug consumptionAntihistamines are substances that can prevent the employment of histamine. Antihistamines are often used to treat allergic reactions caused by such animal hair or pollen plants.

However, you still have to consult to the doctor about this drug and how it is used.Avoid touching the cat and wash hands thoroughlyAvoid direct contact with the body of a cat even if you touch it with your index finger. If you touch it and then feather sticking your fingers touch your face or eyes, this can trigger allergy symptoms.

So, if you feel your body touch the cat or touch points that are often occupied by a cat, try to wash your hands until your hands are clean before touching your face.When you have reached homeAfter visiting the home of someone who has a cat, you should wash your clothes with hot water to avoid the things that make you allergic to reside in your home.

If you have a catWhile you are allergic to cats but still want to have it, then there are some things you should consider. Keep your cat from bedroom, and close the heating or air conditioning vents with cheesecloth to reduce allergens (allergens).

Rub your bedroom wall and parts made of wood because allergens can stick there. Get rid of furniture like a cat. If you must have carpet, select a lower layer and you have to clean it as often as possible. Periodically cleaning your carpet with hot water.

Maximize cat careMaximize cat care by providing a balanced diet. This is because the animals who eat a balanced diet will have healthier skin and hair do not fall off easily. If any family members who are not allergic to cats or other furry animals, ask for help for cleaning, brushing, or bathing in the outdoors and also clean the litter box or cage.