Before discussing the benefits of MRI scans, it is essential to know what MRI scans are. MRI scans are exams that the physician gives to his patients to detect tumors, strokes and joint problems as well as neurological disorders and to see what is causing severe headaches such as migraines. The MRI scan contains magnetic fields and radio frequencies and this scan collects images of the inside of your body, so that the physician can find out what is wrong with the patient. The MRI lasts about an hour and a half. Here are some of the benefits of MRI scans.

MRI Scans Are Good for Stroke Victims

According to Greg Albers MD of the Stanford Stroke Center at Stanford University, stroke victims would benefit from MRI scans because the scans can help physicians determine if certain medications would or would not help stroke victims. Physicians who treat stroke victims can perform MRI scans and look at how much damage has been done to a person’s brain following the stroke.

It Involves No Radiation and it is Non-Invasive

Another benefit of MRI scans is that they do not involve radiation and this is good for those who are concerned about exposure to radiation and developing illnesses because of the exposure. MRI scans are also non-invasive and this is another reason why more doctors are using the scans to detect tumors.

Good for Detecting Cause of Back Pain

While back pain is generally not the symptom of a more serious illness, there are rare cases when back pain is the result of another medical condition. If your back pain has persisted for a few weeks despite medications you used, it may be time to get a MRI scan because the scan is used to detect herniated discs, spine curvatures and other spinal problems.

MRI Scans Could Detect Potential Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease

If you have a history of Alzheimer’s disease in the family and you are over age 60, it is a good idea to get a MRI scan because the scan could detect areas on the brain that could lead to the development of Alzheimer’s. The MRI scan is also less expensive than other methods of detecting this illness. In conclusion, when you get a MRI scan, you can detect various illnesses so that you can get early treatment for them.