Sick children

Sick children

World Health Organization or WHO has just announced the existence of an unidentified disease and has killed 60 children in Cambodia in just three months.

“The number of deaths reported to WHO were 60 cases and all occurred in children,” said Dr. Nima Asgari, a public health specialist working for WHO in Cambodia. Asgari added that the incident was first reported in April 2012.

The WHO is working with the Ministry of Health of Cambodia to identify the route cause and spread of the disease as reported by AFP on Wednesday (07/04/2012).

With the investigation which is still in early stages, Asgari and his team are having trouble to specify the symptoms.

“In the victims discovered the existence of a high fever and severe chest pain, other than that in some children have symptoms of neurological involvement condition,” Asgari said.

So far there are 61 cases reported and only one patient survived. Overall 7-year-old victim down hospitalized in the capital Phnom Penh and Siem Reap northwestern.

In addition, according to a statement issued by WHO, the disease is not yet showing signs of infection. “Until now there were no reports of WHO staff and neighbors of patients who fell ill with similar symptoms,” said Asgari.

Asgari was to ensure the absence of clusters or groupings for this case but said that the high incidence of death within a short time it was quite alarming.

While until now the Ministry of Health of Cambodia has not provided an explanation.