Chaotic mood or bad mood suddenly in the morning a lot of experienced people. The causes range from a rough night’s sleep, stress rushed or even sometimes not clear why.

According to a survey in the UK, 30 percent of people who wake up in a grumpy state will feel better after a bath with warm water. In theory, the hot water will dilate the blood vessels so the body feels more relaxed.

Not just ease of emotion, the widening of blood vessels after a hot bath can also make the body feel better physically. Usually when the body is feels sore or even when the stomach feels bloated, mandung warm water will also be very helpful.

Even so, their effects on mood can vary in each individual. Survey of 2,000 people in Britain were revealed, 20 percent of respondents could ease the chaotic mood in the morning it with a refreshing cold shower.

Well with warm water and cold water, bath for most people is not the best solution to relieve irritable in the morning. Drinking warm beverages like tea and coffee was more positive effect for about 50 percent of respondents.

If a warm bath can relieve the atmosphere of a chaotic day in the morning, some things can actually make it worse. Things that are meant as quoted from Dailymail, Saturday (06/23/2012), among others, adverse weather, use the bathroom too long and forget to drink the coffee.